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Getting someone's attention and apologising #1

Dutch vocabulary series. Do a word knowledge test from the most popular Dutch words. First of all start learning the most popular phrases and words.
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Repeat the drills whenever you have a spare minute or two and you will notice how it is easy to master a vocabulary of Dutch language. First of all read the phrase in Dutch and try to recall the meaning and translate it to English. Then click the "Flip" button and having read the answer check it if it is correct and the same as your translation. Do not get upset if your translation does not match the answer. It is quite possible and there is nothing wrong to translate the same sentence using different words. Repeat the question and the answer in your mind for several times by clicking the "Flip" button. Then go onto the learning the next phrase by clicking the "Forward" button and repeat the process as described above. You can go back and forth the drill by clicking "Back" and "Forward" buttons. Having memorized the phrases you can go and check yourself by doing a test. Good luck! Share your results with your friends and invite them to learn Dutch language as well.